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Horse, Poultry, Pet & Livestock Bedding – with free local delivery

For horses, poultry & all other livestock


Snowflake Softchip – £9.30 per bale

Dust-extracted, fine woodchips less likely to stick to feathers than woodshavings.


Bedmax Shavings – £12.90 per bale

Dust-free large flake pine wood shavings.


Bearts Thoroughbred Quality Shavings – £10.75 per bale

Dust-extracted wood shavings, finer and fluffier than the large flake shavings (similar to Snowflake Supreme Equestrian).


Bed-down Rapasorb – £12.90 per bale

Finely chopped rape straw with added fragrance, dust-extracted and highly absorbent.


Bed-down Excel – £11.80 per bale

Dust-extracted mix of chopped wheat straw and softwood shavings.


Bedsoft original – £11.90 per bale

Dust-extracted chopped wheat straw, suitable for horses, poultry and game (similar to Bed-down Traditional).


Finacard – £10.20 per bale

Dust-extracted shredded cardboard, more absorbent and easier to compost than woodshavings/chips.


Aubiose – £13.75 per bale

Chopped hemp straw, highly absorbent, composts readily after use.


Verdo – £10.00 per bag

100% natural wood pellet bedding for equine use made from virgin softwood. Contains less than 1% dust and is super absorbent.



*Other brands and varieties are available to order. Please contact us for prices.*


For deliveries of 5+ items, please deduct 50p per bale discount.

(Items include full-size bags of animal feed, wild bird feed, salt and Hotlogs, as well as bedding, hay and straw).

Please add £2.00 surcharge for delivery of a single bale of hay, straw or bedding.