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Pig, Goat, Alpaca, Sheep & Cattle Feed – with free local delivery

The following list is just a sample of our range. Please contact us for prices and availability of other brands and products.





Bearts Pig Creep pellets 20kg £14.75

For piglets aged up to 8-10 weeks.


Bearts Pig Grower pellets 20kg £13.00

For pigs aged from 8-10 up to 16 weeks.


Bearts Sow & Weaner nuts 20kg £12.25


Bearts Pot-bellied Pig nuts 20kg £12.50

Specially made to keep your pigs trim.

Suitable for KuneKunes, Micro-pigs and all other pet pigs.


Please contact us for discounted prices on larger deliveries of 1/2 tonne or more of pig feed




Allen & Page Smallholder Range pygmy goat mix 15kg £15.50

A feed with higher fibre levels and dried fruit and vegetables which mimics the pygmy goat’s natural diet as closely as possible.Goat


Bearts Goat mix 20kg £14.25

Designed specifically for goats of all breeds and all ages that require concentrates in their diet. Can be fed during periods of growth, pregnancy and lactation, and to working billies. Contains molasses.

Also available “dry” – without molasses.




Bearts Sheep/Ewe 18% nuts 25kg £14.25Lamb

18% protein nuts to supplement the basic diet of grass, hay or silage.


Lamb Creep pellets 25kg £15.00

Complementary feed for lambs.


Allen & Page Smallholder Range Sheep Mix 20kg £16.50

A maintenance mix suitable for ewes and rams that can be fed from 5 weeks of age onwards.

Can also be fed when forage is in short supply.


Please contact us for discounted prices on larger deliveries of 1/2 tonne or more of sheep feed



Bearts Supreme Beef 16% nuts 25kg £13.75


Please contact us for discounted prices on larger deliveries of 1/2 tonne or more of cattle feed




Camelibra 20kg £25.50

A high specification complementary feed for all camelids, providing the correct nutritional balance to maintain healthy digestion and productivity from natural forage/fibre-based diets.


Fibregest 20kg £12.50

A high quality “super soluble fibre feed” for maintenance of natural foregut digestion which is crucial for the health and vitality of alpacas and llamas.


Badminton Alpaca Mix 20kg £14.25

A high fibre coarse mix specially formulated for all camelids whose energy and nutrition requirements are not being met by forage alone.


Bearts Llama & Alpaca Pellets 20kg £11.75





Smallholder Block 4 x 5kg £45.00



Cattle/Sheep Hi-Mag Lick 20kg £21.00



Red 2x10kg £21.00

Yellow 2x10kg £20.00

Chelated 2x10kg  £21.50



High Energy & Protein Block 22.5kg £18.00