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Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Cat & Rodent Feed – with free local delivery

The following list is just a sample of our range. Please contact us for prices and availability of other brands and products.




Suitable for all small pets

Readigrass 15kg bale £19.00 **NOT AVAILABLE AT PRESENT**readigrass1

ReadiGrass offers a delicious fibre source to keep your animal healthy. The drying process removes only the water – keeping the natural flavour, wonderful smell, colour and high nutrient value of fresh grass.
ReadiGrass is great for stimulating appetite and is tempting even to the fussiest of feeders.


Green Oat Readigrass 1kg pack £4.75 green-oats_1-strip

Only delivered with a full-sized bag of other feed – or at least 4 packs

Green Oat ReadiGrass is harvested at an early stage whilst still fresh and green before the grain develops. Its crunchy stalks, yummy leaves and fibrous husks provide tasty variety in your pet’s diet.
Friendly Green Oat ReadiGrass is a delicious alternative to dried grass or hay.


GrazeOn pure dried grass 15kg bale £13.00

100% natural grass grown in the Vale of York. Flash-dried within hours of leaving the field to lock in nutrients and preserve the colour.



Allen & Page Natural Rabbit Pellets 20kg £14.50

Bearts Bunny Brunch Mix 15kg £11.75

Bearts Bunny pellets 20kg £13.00

Burgess Excel Rabbit Nuggets 10kg £19.50

Burgess Excel Junior/Dwarf Rabbit Nuggets 10kg £21.25

Chudley’s Rabbit Royale 15kg £15.75

Science Selective Rabbit 10kg £24.00




Bearts Value Cat Crunch (meat or fish) 10kg £18.60

Pettex Cat Litter 20kg £9.00

Snow Premium Wood Litter 30 litres £9.40

Fibrecycle Breeder Celect (paper cat litter) 30 litres £13.80

Pampuss Cat Litter 20kg £10.80

Trixie Simple & Clean (silica) 8 litres £11.00

Verdo wood pellets 15kg £10.00


Guinea PigsGuinea pigs

Allen & Page Guinea Pig Mix  20kg £19.20

Mr Advance Guinea Pig 10kg £17.50

Burgess Excel Guinea Pig Nuggets +Mint 10kg £22.50

Supreme Science Selective Guinea Pig 10kg £21.60


Chinchilla, Hamster, Gerbil, Ferret, Rat & Mouse

James Wellbeloved Ferret Complete 10kg £30.00


 Hamster & Gerbil Ferret mouse  Chinchilla