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Bulk Feed

Fen Feeds supplies straights, blends and by-products for ruminants

We have over 20 years experience in the animal feed trade



Blends and By-Products

Bread (quality, clean) Bisconmeal
Citrus Pulp pellets Carbosweet (high sugar)
Distillers – barley, corn, wheat Cereal Replacer meal
Maize – whole, ground Liquid Blends
Maize Gluten pellets Pulse pellets
Maize Gluten 60 (Prairie Meal) Raw Material blends
Maize meal Ruminant Blend
Malt Residuals Soya +41
Molasses  Sugarich Dairy/Beef
Palm Kernel Full range of dairy, beef & sheep compounds
Rapemeal – cold pressed or regular
Soyabean meal
Soya Hull pellets
Sugar beet – kibbled, pellets, pressed
Sunflower pellets
Wheat Gluten pellets